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Barcode Label 50x14mm Silver Self-Adhesive Hologram Security sticker BCL5014-1SP

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Barcode Label 50x14mm Silver Self-Adhesive Hologram Security sticker BCL5014-1SP

Made from 25 micron silver foil, these 50x14mm "AUTHENTIC" self-adhesive hologram stickers offer the ideal solution to ensure your customers know you're serious about ensuring the quality of your products and reassuring them they're not being duped into acquiring a substandard counterfit.


To reinforce this, the main panel is flanked by holographic strips with the repeated statements of "SECURE" and "ORIGINAL". When the label is tampered with it leaves a repeated "VOID" pattern that is incredibly difficult to remove and in the process destroying the label.


With this one single hologram you will be able to ascertain if anyone has tampered with your product.


This hologram can be customised by overprinting with your own black text (not images), company name, web address, serial numbers or barcodes and is a very affordable way of getting some security for your products.


Due to the very nature of these holograms, they are very difficult to photograph accurately and they can appear as a flat silver sticker, but once in your hands you will see how they create a fascinating spectrum of colour.



This item is sold in batches of 350 labels.