Rectangular 15x50mm Silver Hologram R1550-1S

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Rectangular 15x50mm Silver Hologram R1550-1S

Rectangular 15x50mm silver hologram features an image of the world in an oval with the word "SECURE" repeated at the perimeter, flanked horizontally be the words "ORIGINAL" and "VALID". An image of the globe inside a circle is located in the upper part of the hologram with the "ORIGINAL" repeated at the perimeter. At the lower part of the hologram, the words "AUTHENTIC" and "ORIGINAL" are also repeated. The background of the hologram is a complicated pattern that also includes the image of a flying dove. This hologram is ideal for use on security/identity cards. 

The hologram leaves a honeycomb pattern when removed

Sold by the sheet - each sheet has 27 holograms