About Us

Our aim, at Security in Print, is to provide every one of our customers, irrespective of budget, the possibility to protect their product or service from the devastating effects of counterfeiting and fraud.

So, whether you’re a sole trader selling genuine goods on ebay, an online voucher website, or a manufacturer/provider of goods and services, applying a tamper-evident hologram to your product is a quick, simple and cost effective method to protect your business.

It may be that your sales volume is modes and only need a handful of holograms in which case a standard, off-the-shelf hologram sticker could afford you the protection you require, but if your company image is important or you have a brand to promote then you may wish to commission your own hologram. If this is the case please complete and submit the enquiry form and we’ll be delighted to work with you to provide you with the ideal solution to your needs.