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Hologram Sample Pack - Offer 8 Sheets

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Self-Adhesive Hologram Security Sticker Sample Pack - Offer 8 Sheets

Offering a great saving over purchasing the individual holograms, this sample pack includes one sheet of eight of our best selling holograms. If you can't decide which holograms would best suit your application then this is ideal for you.

The sample pack includes one full sheet of each of the following holograms:

14mm round silver C14-2S - 100 holograms

15mm Round Silver C15-1S - 81 holograms

20mm Round Silver C20-1S - 49 holograms

22mm Round Silver C22-1S - 36 holograms

15mm Square Silver S15-1S - 100 holograms

19mm Square Silver S19-1S - 49 holograms

20mm Square Silver S20-1S - 49 holograms

25mm square silver S25-1S - 36 holograms


That's a total of 500 holograms!


The cost of these holograms would be £79.92 when bought individually but at £39.99 you are saving an incredible £39.93!