Rectangular 20x15mm Silver Hologram R2015-1SP

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Rectangular 20x15mm Silver Hologram R2015-1SP

Rectangular 20x15mm silver hologram bearing the word "ORIGINAL" in a repeated horizontal pattern.

The hologram leaves a VOID pattern when removed

Anyone wanting to tamper with this label will completely destroy it and leave a message that will be incredibly difficult to remove. On this hologram you can have your own text, logo or message so that you can personalise whatever you place it on.

Due to the very nature of these holograms, they are very difficult to photograph accurately and they can appear as a flat silver sticker, but once in your hands you will see how they create a fascinating spectrum of colour.

The holograms are supplied in sheets of 63 stickers

Sold by the sheet with a minimum purchase is 8 sheets, which is a total of 504 holograms